ITTF World Cup Macao 2024 - day 4 - mens singles round of 16

Macao Venue - ITTF 2024 World Cup

In the heart of Macao, the 2024 ITTF Men's and Women's World Cup is underway, drawing table tennis enthusiasts from around the globe. Players are showcasing top-tier skills, making every match a thrilling display of speed and precision. The competition heats up as contenders vie for the prestigious title.

The tournament in Macao is packed with top-tier Chinese players, showcasing the depth and talent of China's table tennis arsenal. Stars like Ma Long and Fan Zhendong dominate the scene, representing a formidable challenge for any competitor. Their presence underlines China's long-standing supremacy in the sport and raises the stakes for thrilling matches.

We join the action in the electrifying Round of 16 where Anton Källberg delivered the biggest upset by defeating Liang Jingkun. Källberg's strategic mastery and unyielding composure led to a thrilling 4-3 win over the higher-ranked opponent.

Anton Källberg - Liang Jingkun / 4 - 3

In a nail-biting match at the ITTF Men's and Women's World Cup in Macao 2024, Anton Källberg initially dominated, leading 3-1 in sets against Liang Jingkun. However, showing resilience and skill, Liang made a remarkable comeback to level the score at 3-3, setting the stage for a tense final set.

In the decisive final set Källberg took an early lead, racing ahead 4-1. He maintained a comfortable advantage throughout, ultimately sealing his victory with an 11-6 win in the set, showing that he can close the game out under immense pressure of the fully packed Macau Galaxy Arena.

LIN Gaoyuan - Darko Jorgić / 4 - 2

Men’s competition of day 4 started by Lin Gaoyuan clinching a victory against Darko Jorgić with a score of 4-2. Lin comfortably won the first two sets, showcasing his prowess. In the third set, Jorgić ramped up his resilience, yet Lin managed to secure the win. However, Jorgić turned the tables in the fourth and fifth sets, taking the initiative and claiming both to add excitement to the match.

In the sixth set Darko Jorgić started strong, leading 6-3 against Lin Gaoyuan. Despite this promising lead, Jorgić couldn't maintain his momentum. Lin made a remarkable comeback, winning the set 11-8, and ultimately securing the match.

Ma Long - Felix Lebrun / 4 - 2

Ma Long squared off against Felix Lebrun. Ma Long swiftly claimed the first two sets and was leading the third at 6-2. However, Felix staged an impressive comeback, winning 8 consecutive points, and ultimately took the set. Ma Long recalibrated in the fourth set, maintaining a comfortable lead and winning decisively. The fifth set saw intense competition, but Felix pulled ahead in the end and claimed it. In the sixth set, Ma Long reversed roles, comfortably winning and sealing the match 4-2.

Jang Woojin - Lin Yun-Ju / 4 - 2

Jang Woojin overcame Lin Yun-Ju with a final score of 4-2. Lin started the match strongly, winning the first two sets comfortably. The third set was a nail-biter, with Lin nearly clinching it at 11-10. However, Jang staged a remarkable comeback to win the set 14-12. This pivotal moment shifted the momentum, and Jang found his composure, dominating the remaining sets as Lin struggled to respond.

Tomokazu Harimoto - Marcos Freitas / 4 - 2

Evening session kicked off with a match between Marcos Freitas and Tomokazu Harimoto. Harimoto quickly gained a 2-0 lead, showcasing his aggressive playstyle. Freitas responded by winning two closely contested sets, both by a narrow margin of 11-9. Despite this comeback, Harimoto regained control and confidently secured the remaining sets, ultimately winning the match 4-2.

Fan Zhendong - Lin Shidong / 4 - 3

The match of the day featured a breathtaking showdown between Fan Zhendong, ranked no. 2 globally, and the promising 19-year-old Lin Shidong. Their familiarity with each other's playstyle was evident as both appeared comfortable on the table. Lin Shidong showcased his growing prowess, taking a commanding 3-1 lead. However, Fan Zhendong's resilience was tested as he fought back hard, defending a game point at 11-10 in the sixth set. The final set turned into a separate thriller, with Fan initially leading 8-4. Lin managed to level the score at 10-10. The game continued intensely, with neither player winning points on their serve, until Fan finally broke through to win the set 15-13.

Shunsuke Togami - Omar Assar / 4 - 2

In an engaging non-Chinese matchup Shunsuke Togami, ranked 25th, faced off against Omar Assar, who holds the 16th spot. The match saw each player initially trading sets, bringing the score to an even 2-2. Togami then seized the initiative, utilizing his precise and powerful backhand attacks to dominate the subsequent sets. He comfortably won the match with a final score of 4-2.

Wang Chuqin - Hugo Calderano / 4 - 2

In the final men's singles match of the day, Wang Chuqin faced Hugo Calderano. Wang, a crowd favorite and ranked number 1 in the world, found himself challenged by the formidable Brazilian. Calderano started strong, taking the first set. At one point, he led the match 2-1. However, Wang demonstrated why he holds the top ranking by winning the next three sets in succession, ultimately securing a 4-2 victory.

Macao 2024 ITTF world cup day 4 recap:

Today's competitions at the ITTF World Cup Macao 2024 showcased some spectacular matches, setting the stage for an even more thrilling day tomorrow. We eagerly anticipate top-tier clashes, including Wang Chuqin versus Jang Woojin, Shunsuke Togami taking on Ma Long, Anton Kallberg facing Tomokazu Harimoto, and an exciting showdown between Lin Gaoyuan and Fan Zhendong. Each match promises high stakes and exceptional table tennis, promising to captivate fans and enthusiasts alike. Stay tuned for more action as these world-class players battle it out!

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