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Here are some of the most asked questions about our Smart Table Tennis Racket

How can Racketry Smart racket help me improve my game?

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Racketry Smart Table Tennis racket empowers you in all areas of table tennis: training, competition and enjoying the game. It records every stroke that you make and gives you a high level overview of your training routine. Are you training more forehands than backhands, how many strokes you made in the last session, month, year. It helps you optimise your training, so you train smarter not harder. In competition, you can use Racketry Smart Table Tennis racket as a tactical coach between sets. Playing a match takes an enormous amount of concentration and often the tactical misplays go completely overlooked. The app can help you with real time analysis of your games - with which strokes are you making points and on the opposite, which strokes make you lose points. When you are done with your training session you can easily share your experience with your friends and a big community of other players.

How much heavier is the Racketry Smart Table Tennis Racket compared to a "normal" racket?

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The sensor itself weighs 8g. This weight is also reduced by hollowing out the handle bits. Total added weight to the racket is therefore around 4g which is around 2% of total weight of the whole racket and within weight tolerances of current classic "non smart" rackets.

Are there moving parts in the racket?

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No, we made sure that there are no moving parts in the sensor design, even the battery is completely integrated into the sensor. This allows us to make blades that perform without compromises, and at the same level as the best existing "non smart" blades.

Is the playing blade in any way compromised by the sensor?

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The sensor is completely integrated in the top part of the racket handle which leaves the playing blade completely intact. The sensor is glued to the playing blade with absorption foam which provides a tight fit that keeps it from vibrating after prolonged use.

How does the sensor affect the racket vibrations?

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We put extra effort into not compromising the playing characteristics of Racketry Table Tennis Blades. This means having a single piece sensor with perfected vibration dampening.

Do I need to replace batteries?

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Racketry Smart ping pong racket contains an integrated rechargeable battery, which cannot be replaced. The racket can therefore be charged with a standard USB-C cable.

How fast does the racket charge?

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Racket gets fully charged in about 30 minutes.

How long does the battery last?

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Full battery lasts for around 8 hours of playing time. The smart racket can also stay in standby mode for about a week. If the battery levels become critically low it will switch to shutdown mode which preserves the battery almost indefinitely until the racket is charged again.

What type of battery does the racket have? Will it degrade over time?

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Racketry Smart Table Tennis Racket uses a standard li-ion battery. Those batteries have an expected lifetime of around 5 years or at least 2,000 charging cycles. Racketry Smart ping pong rackets use carefully chosen top of the line quality batteries with proven reliability. We have also put an extra effort into perfecting the electronics to keep the battery well within the charging limits and to never over-discharge it. If the battery levels become critically low, then the racket goes into shutdown mode and can preserve the sufficient charge almost indefinitely.

Does the Racketry smart racket have an on / off button?

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The Racketry ping pong bats do not have an on / off button. They use our proprietary AI motion technology to detect when you are using the racket. This way you can be sure that your playing is recorded every time.

Can I open Racketry smart rackets?

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Rackets cannot be opened. This is a design feature that follows our no compromise vision of smart sports equipment. All rackets are glued together with the same process as the standard rackets are. This allows us to stay within ITTF regulations and keep the added weight at a minimum.

Does the clear part of the handle become slippery from sweat?

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The front composite handle was especially designed to accommodate the sensor and give the Racketry Smart Racket its unique look. We extensively tested the design in tough gym conditions and made sure that it feels the same as standard all-wood handles.

How does Racketry Real Time Game Analytics work?

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Racketry sensor samples 6 data points (3 x lateral forces & 3 x rotational forces) 100 times per second. This data is then sent to the mobile app which then, with the help of real time AI algorithms, predicts which strokes are being played, has there been contact to the ball, and how much power was put into strokes. All this data gets stored in the Racketry platform where you can analyse your game yourself, by your coach or by our AI virtual coach.

Do I need to record video every time I play with Racketry Smart Table Tennis bat?

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You can play with recording video & telemetry or record telemetry only. Recording with video gives you an option to make more in depth video analysis later. If you only record telemetry, the AI will still recognise the strokes and record only the time when you are actually playing the game.

What is the approximate range of the bluetooth in the Racketry racket?

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Racketry Smart Rackets are designed with the best bluetooth range and signal strength in mind. Sensor is tuned to support the latests Bluetooth which assures good reception in any gym environment.

Can I watch game analysis from my phone?

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Yes, you can watch your play point by point on your phone. You can also choose to upload your points to the Racketry Cloud where you can access in depth video & telemetry side by side analysis.

Can I keep score with my racket when I am playing a match?

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Yes, our Racketry Gesture Recognition Technology allows you to assign set points to you and your opponent during the match. You can also enable the virtual scoreboard that will say out the score for each point.

I want to record my matches and make match highlights. Can I do that?

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Yes you can, all you have to do is point your phone towards the table and the Racketry mobile app does the rest. Our custom AI technology detects when you are playing, and when you are not - picking up the ball for example. Together with Racketry Score Keeping Technology this enables you to produce game highlights at the end of the match in minutes and with just a click of the button. You can select the desired length of your highlights and the Racketry Game Highlight Technology will make sure to include the most attractive points into your video that you can then even share with your friends on social media.

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Company Racketry d.o.o. has successfully acquired the P2 public grant of 54.000 € for development of smart table tennis racket. Main goal of the operation is development of smart table tennis racket, that enables players and coaches better training and simple generation of highlights videos. Investment is provided by Republic of Slovenia, and European Union from European fund for regional development.

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