Racketry Club App Video Recording

Racketry Club App Video Recording

How can video analysis help you become a better ping pong player?

In the world of table tennis, players, both amateurs and pros alike, face a common challenge: the lack of regular analysis of their gameplay. It's a puzzle that many don't even realize needs solving. In the rush of training sessions, matches, and the constant pursuit of improving techniques, video analysis often takes a backseat. Yet, it's a goldmine of insights waiting to be discovered! This oversight means missed opportunities to refine strategies, correct form, and understand opponents better. The truth is, while we're all chasing the next level in our table tennis journey, incorporating video analysis can be the game-changer we've been overlooking.

Diving deeper into the benefits of video analysis, it becomes clear how this tool can be a game-changer in identifying and correcting technical flaws. When players watch themselves on video, they gain a different perspective of their playing style, technique, and movements that isn't possible to capture in the heat of the moment. This self-review allows for a critical assessment of footwork, paddle grip, stroke technique, and service delivery, among other aspects. It's one thing to feel a backhand loop go off the table, but it's entirely another to see the reasons why – perhaps a late swing or an incorrect body stance. By breaking down the footage, players can pinpoint exactly where improvements are needed and make precise adjustments. This methodical approach accelerates the learning process, transforming weaknesses into strengths with a clarity that direct coaching alone might not provide.

Direct benefits of video analysis in table tennis

One of the biggest values of video analysis in table tennis is its ability to significantly shorten the feedback loop required for a player to evolve. In traditional training methods, feedback on performance can sometimes be delayed, as it relies on a coach's observation and the player's own perception during gameplay. This delay can slow down the improvement process, as players continue to engrain potentially faulty techniques with each practice session. Video analysis, on the other hand, offers immediate visual feedback. It allows players and coaches to review gameplay right after it happens, providing a quick loop of action, review, and adjustment.

This immediacy is crucial for making swift corrections and adopting new strategies. It accelerates the learning curve by allowing players to see their mistakes in real-time and understand the corrections needed. The visual nature of this feedback helps in internalizing the correct techniques faster, as players can visually compare their form against ideal standards or professional examples. By shortening the feedback loop, players can make quicker progress, adapting and evolving their game at a pace previously unattainable through traditional coaching methods alone.

Why is video analysis only rarely used in training?

Despite the clear advantages of video analysis in table tennis training, its integration into regular practice sessions is surprisingly rare. One significant hurdle is the perceived difficulty of incorporating it without interrupting the natural flow of training. Traditional training sessions in table tennis are highly dynamic and continuous, with a strong focus on maintaining rhythm and momentum. Introducing video analysis, which requires stopping the action, setting up equipment, and reviewing footage, can seem disruptive. Coaches and players might worry that this break in action could hinder the fluidity and intensity of practice, potentially cooling down players or breaking their focus.

Moreover, there's a practical aspect to consider. Not all training environments are equipped with the necessary technology or staff to facilitate seamless video analysis. It requires not just the hardware, such as cameras and monitors, but also someone skilled in capturing the right moments and navigating the software efficiently. These logistical challenges contribute to the hesitation around embedding video analysis into the training regime, despite its potential benefits.

How we developed the Racketry Club app so you can now seamlessly make video analysis of all your games

Recognizing the challenges and untapped potential of video analysis in table tennis training, we embarked on a mission to make this powerful tool accessible and seamless for players of all levels. The result is the Racketry Club app, a revolutionary platform designed to integrate video analysis effortlessly into your training sessions. Our app offers four innovative video recording modes to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of table tennis enthusiasts.

  1. Manual Mode: Gives you the control to start and stop recording at your convenience, perfect for focused analysis on specific drills or techniques.
  2. Timer Mode: Set a timer to automatically start and stop recording, allowing you to concentrate on your game without worrying about the camera.
  3. AI Vision: Utilizes advanced AI movement detection to automatically record when it detects action, ensuring that no key moment is missed.
  4. Racketry Smart Racket: The most sophisticated option, where our smart racket automatically detects telemetry points during play and signals the app to record, capturing crucial moments for analysis without any manual intervention.

Getting started with the Racketry Club app is as easy as downloading the app and using your mobile phone. There's no need for sophisticated equipment or setups; your phone's camera is all you need to begin capturing and analyzing your gameplay. This approach not only democratizes access to video analysis but also bridges the gap between technology and practical application in sports training. By making video analysis straightforward and non-intrusive, the Racketry Club app invites players to embrace this method, promising a significant leap in their performance and understanding of the game no matter their skill level.

Racketry Club app gives you real-time feedback on your playing technique and minimizes the feedback loop for fastest improvement.

The Racketry Club app is revolutionizing table tennis training by providing real-time feedback on playing techniques, thus significantly minimizing the feedback loop for the fastest possible improvement. One of the app's standout features is its ability to record point by point, cleverly leaving out the downtimes such as when players are collecting the ball. This efficiency is primarily achieved through the AI Vision and Smart Racket modes, which smartly detect active play and ensure that only the moments crucial for analysis are captured. This targeted recording approach not only saves time but also focuses the player's attention on moments of action that are most beneficial for learning and improvement.

Moreover, the app boasts an in-app video gallery that enriches the analysis experience. It offers side-by-side telemetry comparison and slow-motion playback features, enabling players to meticulously examine their technique against past performances or even benchmark against ideal examples. This detailed analysis helps in identifying not just the areas needing improvement but also in tracking progress over time. The slow-motion feature, in particular, is invaluable for breaking down fast strokes and movements, providing insights that are impossible to capture at normal speed.

This real-time feedback mechanism, combined with sophisticated analysis tools, empowers players to make immediate adjustments to their playing style, accelerating their learning curve like never before. By offering a blend of convenience, technology, and detailed analytics, the Racketry Club app is setting a new standard in sports training technology.

Racketry Club app video analysis modes in detail:

Manual mode:

The Manual mode in the Racketry Club app is designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind, catering to players and coaches who prefer a hands-on approach to video recording. As the most basic mode available in the app, it allows the user to manually start and stop video recording at their discretion. This mode is particularly useful for recording sessions on the fly, especially when there's another person, like a coach or a training partner, available to operate the device. It gives users the freedom to capture specific segments of their training without committing to recording the entire session, making it ideal for focusing on particular techniques or drills.

Timer mode:

Timer mode in the Racketry Club app takes video analysis a step further by seamlessly integrating into drill-based training sessions. It’s designed for players and coaches who want to focus on exercises for specific durations without the distraction of manually handling the recording process. With Timer mode, you can select from a wide range of time durations for your exercises, including 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds, 45 seconds, 1 minute, 1 minute 30 seconds, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, and even up to 30 minutes. This variety allows for a tailored fit to virtually any type of drill or workout segment, ensuring that all parts of the session are captured accurately.

Once the desired time duration is set and the recording starts, players can fully immerse themselves in the exercise, focusing solely on their performance and technique. The app takes care of the rest, automatically stopping the recording when the time is up. To signal the end of the recording period, the app emits a loud sound, notifying the player that the drill segment has concluded. This audible cue is particularly useful in noisy environments or when the player's focus is intensely on the game, ensuring they’re aware exactly when to pause or switch to the next activity.

Timer mode is an excellent tool for structured training sessions, allowing for precise, uninterrupted focus on each segment of the workout. It helps in creating a more disciplined and efficient practice environment, where both players and coaches can better monitor progress, adherence to training timings, and overall intensity of the session.

AI Vision mode:

AI Vision mode is a cutting-edge feature of the Racketry Club app, currently in beta, designed to revolutionize the way table tennis players record and analyze their gameplay. This mode leverages advanced AI image recognition technology to detect player movement, automatically starting and stopping the recording of each point played. The intelligence behind AI Vision mode is geared towards capturing only the moments of active play, ensuring that each video focuses solely on the points, without the downtimes of ball collection or breaks between rallies.

This mode is incredibly useful for players who wish to analyze their gameplay in detail. Since it produces one video per playing point, it allows for a concentrated review of each rally, making it easier to identify and correct specific mistakes or to highlight strengths. This granular level of analysis was previously hard to achieve without tedious manual editing of longer video sessions.

The AI's ability to discern between active play and downtime means that players can engage in their sessions without worrying about camera operation. This not only makes the recording process more efficient but also enhances the training experience by allowing players to remain fully immersed in the game. As a beta feature, AI Vision mode represents our commitment to innovation, offering a glimpse into the future of sports training technology where AI plays a central role in personalizing and refining the learning process.

Racketry Smart Racket mode:

Smart Racket mode in the Racketry Club app represents a pinnacle of integration between hardware and software, offering an unparalleled level of precision in video analysis for table tennis. This mode requires the use of a Racketry smart racket, a state-of-the-art piece of equipment designed to work seamlessly with the app. The smart racket is equipped with advanced telemetry capabilities that go beyond mere motion detection, providing detailed data on every aspect of gameplay.

Unlike AI Vision mode, which relies on visual cues to start and stop recording, Smart Racket mode uses the telemetry data from the smart racket to trigger recording. This method is significantly more precise, ensuring that no key moment is missed. It offers point-by-point recording, but with the added benefit of capturing comprehensive telemetry data about the forces applied during each stroke. This data includes not only the timing and duration of points but also nuanced details like stroke type and power.

The Smart Racket mode is capable of recognizing six types of strokes: forehand topspin, forehand straight, forehand backspin, backhand topspin, backhand straight, and backhand backspin. This level of detail provides players with deep insights into their playing style, allowing for a targeted approach to training and improvement. Knowing the specific types of strokes and the power behind each shot can help players fine-tune their techniques in a way that was previously only possible with professional coaching.

Moreover, the integration of stroke recognition and force telemetry into the video analysis process enriches the learning experience. Players can watch their recorded points and see exactly what kind of stroke they used, how powerful it was, and how it contributed to the outcome of each rally. This information is invaluable for players aiming to improve specific aspects of their game, such as increasing the power of their forehand topspin or mastering the precision of their backhand backspin.

Managing the sheer volume of video data generated during a table tennis training session can be daunting. A typical 1 hour and 30-minute session can easily result in over 2000 strokes from players, translating into hundreds of individual point recordings when using the Racketry Club app. However, the app is ingeniously designed to handle this flood of information without overwhelming the user or their device.

All recordings are stored directly on your phone, ensuring that your data remains private and easily accessible. To navigate this vast collection of videos, the Racketry app features a highly intuitive in-app video gallery. This gallery is not just a repository but a powerful analytical tool. You can filter recordings by date, player, and the number of strokes within each point. This filtering capability allows you to quickly and easily narrow down your selection for analysis, making it possible to focus on specific aspects of your game or review performances from particular sessions.

The app is built to support multiple players, making it an ideal choice for coaches managing several athletes or for clubs where many players want to track and analyze their progress. This feature fosters a collaborative environment where players can compare notes, strategies, and improvements over time.

Understanding the potential storage concerns, the Racketry Club app employs sophisticated compression algorithms to ensure that videos occupy minimal space on your phone. This compression happens seamlessly, maintaining the high quality of the videos while significantly reducing their file size. And if storage space becomes a concern, or if certain videos are no longer needed, you have the option to delete them directly from the app.

By addressing both the analytical and practical aspects of video analysis in table tennis, the Racketry Club app stands out as a comprehensive tool for players and coaches alike. It not only facilitates detailed analysis of gameplay but also ensures that managing and maintaining a large library of video recordings is straightforward and efficient.

Virtual Coaching: Racketry technology platform enabling every player to connect with their personal coach from anywhere in the world.

The Racketry technology platform takes training and improvement in table tennis to a new level with its Virtual Coaching feature, effectively breaking down geographical barriers that once limited coaching access. This innovative approach enables every player, regardless of location, to connect with their personal coach or other players within the platform, fostering a global community of table tennis enthusiasts committed to mutual improvement.

Players can easily send their recordings to coaches or peers on the platform. This facilitates a dynamic and interactive learning environment, where feedback is not constrained by physical presence. Coaches can review the recordings at their convenience and provide detailed feedback, utilizing the Racketry app's in-app chat feature. This immediacy and convenience of communication enrich the coaching experience, allowing for timely advice and adjustments that can be directly applied to the player's next training session.

Furthermore, the platform's flexibility extends to how players can share their recordings. Beyond the confines of the Racketry platform, players have the option to share their videos through various messaging apps. This feature not only broadens the scope of who can view and provide feedback on the recordings but also enhances the collaborative aspect of training. Players can share their progress, celebrate their improvements, and seek advice from a wider circle of friends, family, and mentors, creating a supportive community around their development journey.

Virtual Coaching through the Racketry platform represents a significant advancement in sports technology, offering personalized, accessible, and comprehensive coaching solutions. It democratizes high-quality coaching, making it possible for players at all levels to access expert guidance and community support, thus accelerating their growth and enhancing their love for the game.


We're incredibly proud of the strides we've made with the Racketry Club app and the broader technology platform. By integrating advanced video analysis, seamless recording features, and a groundbreaking Virtual Coaching system, we've not only tackled the existing barriers in table tennis training but also opened up a world of possibilities for players and coaches alike. From the ease of capturing every crucial moment with our Manual, Timer, AI Vision, and Smart Racket modes to the ability to manage thousands of recordings efficiently, our platform stands as a testament to innovation in sports training.

The real-time feedback, detailed analytics, and global connectivity offered through our app represent just the beginning. We're excited about the future and committed to continuously enhancing the Racketry technology platform. Our vision extends far beyond the present, aiming to usher in the next era of table tennis. An era where distance no longer separates coaches and players, where every stroke and tactic can be analyzed and improved upon, and where a global community comes together to elevate the sport to unprecedented heights.

As we move forward, we remain dedicated to our mission of making top-tier coaching accessible to everyone, everywhere, and to ensuring that every player has the tools they need to reach their full potential. The journey thus far has been incredibly rewarding, and we're just getting started. Here's to the next era of table tennis—a future we're thrilled to be shaping together.

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